Winter Time – Shrewsbury School and Boathouse (64×40 cm)
Snowy Shrewsbury (64×40 cm)
Shrewsbury from the College (80×64 cm) Commission based on previous panting
Shrewsbury from the College 60x40cm SOLD

English Bridge 80×32 cm
St. Chads from the Quarry 64×40 cm
Greyfriars Bridge (64×40 cm) SOLD
English Bridge – Shrewsbury SOLD
Welsh Bridge (64×40 cm)SOLD
Shrewsbury Station (64×40 cm) SOLD

Old St.Chads Square SOLD

English Bridge – Shrewsbury (64×40 cm)SOLD

Off Castle Street (30×40 cm)

Donation to Charity Cricket Match – Raised £900 for Shrewsbury Hospital

English Bridge at Night (64×40 cm) SOLD

English Bridge and Abbey
(40×64 cm) SOLD

Shrewsbury Skyline (80×32 cm) SOLD

Traitors Gate (40×32 cm)

Bear Steps (40×32 cm)

Grope Lane (32×40 cm)

St. Mary’s Water Lane (40×64 cm) SOLD

The English Bridge (80×32 cm) SOLD

The Quarry – Shrewsbury

English Bridge 2 (64×40 cm) SOLD

Old St. Chads Square 2 SOLD

English Bridge (64×40 cm) SOLD

Castle & Station SOLD

Early Morning Platform 4 SOLD

The End Of Platform 4 (64x40cm) SOLD

Waters Edge and English Bridge (64×40 cm) Commission

Along the River Severn – Shrewsbury (80×32 cm) Commission

Severn Path and Station Bridge (64×40 cm) SOLD